Is Microblading For You?

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If you are one of many who have viewed makeup artist Zukreat's video on Youtube, you'd probably know that you need at least an hour to get your eyebrows perfect. And make no mistake about it: getting the perfect eyebrow takes time. You'd probably need to get out of bed at least an hour earlier each day before joining the early morning rush, or you might need to spend more time in the washroom after your routine gym session, just to get your brows back in shape before heading back on the road.

Many reasons can be attributed to why it take such a long time to get your eyebrows right. Over the course of our professional work in the past decade, statements such as: "I have thick eyebrows and they're bushy and I'm so afraid to touch them coz I might either get them so thin or mismatched" or "Geez, I just tweezed too much of my eyebrows " aren't uncommon.

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Why does it take so long to get the brows right? Through feedback from our customers, we found reasons ranging from lack of skills and time needed to achieve that perfect brow. For example, over-plucking often increases the complexity of maintaining your brows, and you will probably need to spend more time in front of the mirror.

If the above describe your frustration, you might want to consider getting a semi-permanent eyebrow fix, or Microblading, as it is now commonly known. It involves adding tiny strokes of ink that resemble hair to fill the empty spots in your brows and precise feathering techniques to produce natural looking brows. Such treatment, when complemented with scheduled touch up and maintenance from a trained specialist, can last between 1 to 3 year. And most importantly, it allow you to regain your freedom by returning you your most precious asset: Time.