How to practice mindfulness and cope with anxiety. #3 is crucial!

Woman wearing face mask having a drink indoor

Feeling stressed while holing up at home? Here are some practical tips you can use immediately to reduce your stress and anxiety

1. Remain active and keep your body moving

woman exercising indoor

It may be tempting to sit for long hours at your cosy couch, swiping through wave after wave of social media posts. Doing so can be detrimental and could increase your level of stress. Even if your regular workout session have been cancelled, you can still pick your butt off the couch and do simple stretches or yoga at home. 

2. Meditate

Give your mind a break from any negativity bombarding you from all fronts. Set aside #metime to find your inner peace.

3. Stay connected with friends and loved ones virtually ⠀⠀

Asian woman speaking on the phone

Limit your social media time; instead set aside time to interact with friends and loved ones either through phone or video calls. Maintaining ⁣continuous human connection is vital for your overall well-being