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LNC Repairing Cream (For Skin and Eye)

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Scientifically designed skin care in tune with the skin ’s rebirth cycle*

With its lamella structure identical to that of the skin, this cream protects and conditions your skin, including areas around your eyes, making them porcelain-smooth and radiant.

Beautiful woman with pretty eyes anti aging cream skincare solution Singapore

The stratum corneum, the protective outermost layer of the skin, has a lamella structure composed of layers of lipids and moisture.


When the lamella structure is disrupted, the skin cannot retain its moisture, and external irritants enter the skin more easily. If a moisturizer does not seem very effective on your skin, it is probably because the lamella structure in your skin is disrupted.

LNC Repairing Cream has the same lamella structure as the skin. It protects the skin while keeping it healthy by conditioning the stratum corneum interior. This cream works in perfect harmony with the skin.


Skin repair cream eye cream anti aging Singapore
Volume: 35g / 1.23oz
Made In Japan


*Cycle of the metabolism of epidermal cells, often referred to a s “turnover”