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Signature Series - Powder Combo Brow

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Powder Combo Brow is a mix of Ombré Shading and Microblading. It produces brows that look softer (less harsh), is more natural, and can be shaped to give your face an extra lift. 

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Ombré shading -  gives a soft shaded brow pencil look. Once healed, it is more natural looking than solid color, giving greater definition and depth to your brows. 

Best For  - Anyone with uneven brows, bald spots, thin and sparse eyebrows, including those who have suffered from hair loss due to medical conditions, can greatly benefit from this combo to achieve a realistic look. As Microblading alone may look too light, you can get the density as well as hair strokes from microblading by incorporating some shading. This combo method is also a better option for individuals with oily skin as microblading may not be suitable for certain skin types.